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OCTOBER 6-7, 2012
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Dancers from 2010
photos by

2010 Festival pics by Scott Shappell

Devi Safir
Grants Pass, OR

2010 Festival pics by Scott Shappell

Kyla & Felicity
Arcata, CA

2010 Festival pics by Scott Shappell

Veronica of
Ya Habibi Dance Co.
Arcata, CA

2010 Festival pics by Scott Shappell

Arcata, CA


We hope you will enjoy the marvelous entertainment at our 7th Annual Redwood Coast Bellydance Festival!

Yes! There are performance slots open at our festival. Please fill out a form and get it to us if you'd like to DANCE. :-)

We welcome performers of all genres of the Middle Eastern Dance spectrum, and hope you will find an enthusiastic, appreciative audience for your presentation. Our festival is especially troupe-friendly, and as long as there is room in our schedule we're fine with multiple performances by groups, a "split" performance, or solos / group appearances on the stage. Also, we work hard to ensure that your preferred performance day / time is respected, since we know how far many of our participants to travel to join us! Please contact us early so we may better accomodate your needs.

Arrow Download printable Performer Application here: pdf or doc

Performance Lengths:
Short Solo (less than 5 minutes) •  Solo (8 minutes) • Duet (8 minutes) • Troupe (15 minutes)
We are happy to accomodate your show if you need a little more time - just ask so we can plan for it.

Stage Details:
The stage is 30' wide x 16' deep. It's about 2' high, and there are stairs on both sides toward the rear of the stage. You can enter from either side of the stage. The dressing room is rather far away in another part of the community center, but it's very nice and spacious.

Music / Performance Notes:

  • Family friendly show.
  • Please check in at least 1 hour before your performance time, and be ready in case schedule is a little behind or ahead.
  • Have music on CD (only thing on disk, in a case, clearly marked) or mp3 player (only thing in playlist) all clearly labeled with your name.
  • Yes, we do ask for an admission from performers. It is small (just $4.00), and goes to help make the door price affordable to everyone. Our door price is much lower than most festivals. Only $5.00 this year! We like you to have a nice, big audience.

DVD of your Show:
This year we will have experienced local videographer Montel Vanderhork III from Mercy Me Productions shoot our festival.

Photography of your Show:
Of course you're welcome to have your own photos shot of your show.... but we have the talents of Bay Area dance photographer Scott Schappell (some 2010 photos are at left) at our 2011 Festival! In the performer application packet you have the option to order a disk of your photos. Yay!


Thank you for your time, artistry, and energy!



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