RCBDF 2012

Contact: Shoshanna at (707) 616-6876 / dance@shoshannaland.com


General Information

    • Festival is October 3-5 2014 at The Old Creamery Building, 824 L Street, Arcata, CA 95521.

    • Festival Open Hours will be 11am-8pm (ish) on Saturday, and 11pm-5pm on Sunday.

    • Set-up times will be 8-11am on Saturday, and 10am-12pm on Sunday.

    • Please be ready for shoppers and have your car parked in a legal space by the time the festival starts each day.

    • Booths may stay set-up Saturday night.

    • Take-down will be Sunday 5pm-7pm. Please stay open until at least 4:30pm!

    • All vending fees must be paid by and are non-refundable after August 1st.

    • Decorations may only be made with non-marking tape – no tacks, nails, screws, etc in the walls and no tape on the floor (we will have special tape and mats to lay over electric cords.

Vending Fees

We try to keep our vending fees reasonable, and love to feature a wide variety of merchandise for our shoppers!
50% deposits are recommended EARLY to reserve your space with all vending fees DUE by August 1st, or your spot will be given to those on our waiting list.


  • Single Table
    $65, includes one 3'x6' table with chairs behind it. This is great for a smaller vendor or for those who like to display their wares in front of them on a table. Includes a listing in the vendor directory in our event program.

  • Half Table
    $40, includes roughly half of a 3'x6' table. You'll be sharing the table and can have a table-mate picked out already or let us match you up with someone. Includes a listing in the vendor directory in our event program.

  • 10'x10' Space
    $110, with 3'x6' rectangular tables and chairs available. Racks, gazebos, and tables are all welcome, although please try to cover metal bases -we don't not allow metal-to-floor contact on the lovely wooden dance floor. We'll have tape and little mats you can use if you forget to plan for this. Your space might not be exactly 10x10 unless you request it, as it's in a dance studio, but we'll sure you get at least that size space. Let us know your needs! Includes a listing in the vendor directory in our event program.

Sales Tax & Business Licenses:

  • The City of Arcata requires that all vendors apply for and purchase a $21 business license for those selling their merchandise within city limits. An application will be enclosed in your vendor packet (and is available to download in our Vendor Packet below). Be sure to have your permit with you, as this event is in a city building and city officials might visit to make sure everyone has their paperwork in order!

  • You are responsible for keeping your own records and paying the required sales tax to the Franchise Tax Board.



Download printable Vendor Packet here
Includes: Vendor Letter, Vending Application, and City of Arcata Biz Licence Application






Visitors Bureau
  RCBDF 2011 Pictture


  RCBDF 2011 Pictture